Efficient Solutions from Engart

Efficient Solutions from Engart

High Dust Control Efficiency

Engart Dust Extractors operate with water to capture and remove dust to a sump discharge for downstream disposal or recycling. In independent testing on PRB coal dust, Engart wet dust extractors were rated at 99.7% dust removal efficiency. That is why Engart Dust Extraction Technology™ received BACT approval as “Best Available Control Technology” for air pollution control systems in difficult conditions.

High Moisture or Temperature Conditions

Engart Dust Extractors use water to remove captured dust from the incoming air. Conditions of high moisture or heat are easily handled.

Fire and Explosion Risk

Explosive dust conditions are inherent with many combustible dusts such as coal dust. Dry dust collectors such as baghouses are subject to both fire and explosion risk as shown in the photo (above) of a test explosion at the US Bureau of Mines. Since water is used to scrub the incoming air, Engart dust extractors eliminate this explosion hazard as soon as the coal dust is wetted.

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