Engart Dust Extraction Technology

Engart Solutions For Difficult Dust Control Problems

Dust generated in process operations at power plants, mining companies, steel mills and other heavy industrial facilities is often a problem requiring attention. Baghouse collectors used to remove dust captured with exhaust hoods and ductwork can experience difficulties such as:
  • Fire and explosion risk
  • Blinding or plugging of bags
  • Difficulty in handling high temperature operation
  • High maintenance cost
  • Filter bag leaks and bag replacement costs
  • Maintenance of airlocks and conveyors
  • Confined entry permit required for servicing
  • Discharged dust causing downline issues
Engart has a Better Solution

Engart Dust Extraction Technology™ provides turnkey dust control solutions for difficult applications using the unique Engart wet dust extractor.

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This double rotary dumper dust extraction system features three Engart Type 36 dust extractors. Any two extractors can operate on either rotary pit, or three extractors are used to operate both dumpers simultaneously.
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